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The town council spends public money through a ‘precept’, the local tax collected on our behalf by Torfaen County Borough Council as part of the council tax bill.
On average, £49.03 per year (Band D property) of Blaenavon residents’ Council Tax - 94p per week - contributes to the town council precept. The budgeted expenditure for the council in 2018/19 is £93,744.

Our main spending is on general council administration and staff salary, office rent and service charges, along with the following during the current financial year:

Blaenavon Townscape Heritage Fund £10,000

World Heritage Day £10,000

Christmas lights £15,000

Carol service £2,500

Christmas Cracker event £3,000

Grant aid £2,000

Purchase of defibrillators £3,250

Individual donations to local organisations £1,000

Flowers/hanging baskets £1,000

Workmen’s Hall improvements £7,500

Busy Bees Nursery £5,000

Total spending: £60,250

Councillors are unpaid but can claim an allowance for their duties, which in 2017/18 was £150 each. The Mayor also has support to meet any expenses involved in fulfilling the Mayoral duties. The agreed amount for 2018/19 is £1,500, with the Deputy Mayor allowed £500.

The council is also subject to an annual internal and external audit and has a duty to appoint an Internal Auditor in accordance with the Accounts and Audit (Wales) Regulations 2014. Quarterly inspections are also conducted by two appointed councillors for added resilience and scrutiny.

Budget Setting and Precept 2022/23

  • Budget 2022/23

  • Budget Report 2022/23

  • Overview of Precept 2022/23

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