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In Wales, there are two tiers of local government, each with different responsibilities. Town councils like Blaenavon are the first and most local tier. Even though we don’t provide the majority of local services, we do have a vital role to play in representing and promoting the town, as well as supporting the work of different groups in the community.

Torfaen County Borough Council is the second tier and responsible for services including education, health and social services, refuse and recycling, street cleaning, highways - both roads and pavements – street lighting and libraries.

Blaenavon Town Council has 12 councillors who are elected every five years. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected at the annual general meeting in May.

The town is divided into two wards - East and West – with each having six councillors.

As of the 2017 Local Government Elections, seven councillors currently represent the Labour Party, one represents Plaid Cymru and four are Independent councillors.

The full council meets monthly (on the fourth Wednesday of each month) and the finance committee (second Wednesday) in the Council Chamber next to the Workmen’s Hall in High Street.

All meetings are open to the public, who are also allowed to ask questions provided in writing beforehand.

The council is also represented on a number of external organisations, including:

  •  Blaenavon Town Team

  •  Torfaen Museum Trust

  •  Blaenavon World Heritage Committee

  •  Torfaen Community Transport

  •  Torfaen Association of Local Community Councils

  • Local schools governing bodies


The council has three employees – Chief Officer Kevin Warren who is also the council’s Responsible Financial Officer (RFO). Kerry Jones - Assistant Chief Officer.

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