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Your town needs you!  
Campaign launched to recruit new councillors 

January 2022

One Voice Wales, which represents the interests of and provides training and good practice standards for Wales’s town and community councils, has published a video to encourage people to stand in this May’s local elections. 

The video, which was made with assistance from Welsh Government, aims to show residents the difference they can make by contributing to civic life. 


Our current councillors care passionately about Blaenavon and feel rewarded by the work they’ve done over the past five years to make the town a better place to live.  


The One Voice Wales video: 


  • Raises awareness of the role and contribution community and town councillors make to society. 


  • Shows how community and town councillors are well placed to know the priorities and needs of their local area and how councils can collaborate with local partners to achieve positive change. 

  • Explains the importance of diversity in local government. 

  • Explains the challenges councillors face and the support available to them e.g., through training programmes provided by One Voice Wales. 

  • Outlines the skills, knowledge and experience gained through the role and their wider application in other aspects of life and employment, the exposure to a range of unfamiliar issues and a greater understanding of how local democracy works. 

  • Explains that everyone has skills to bring to the role of Councillor from their daily life e.g. organisation, communication and problem solving etc. 


The video is available in Welsh and English: 

Welsh  Hafan - One Voice Wales - Welsh ( 


English  Home - One Voice Wales 

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